• Intermediate Course  of two groups of 4 papers in each group

  • Complete Four Weeks Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS) any time after registering for Intermediate Course but before commencement of the Practical Training
  • Register for Three Years Practical Training on passing either or both the Groups of Intermediate Course.

  • Final Course of two groups of 4 papers in each group
    • Successfully complete Four Weeks AICITSS during the last two years of Practical Training but before appearing for Final Examination.
    •  Appear in Final Examination during last six months of Practical Training.
    • Complete Practical Training
    •  Qualify both groups of Final Course.
    • Become Member
Note: Admission to Intermediate Course is through Foundation Course passed candidates or Degree Passed candidates as per ICAI Rules. (Details given separately)